Tire Care Should Be a Focus

Tires are often neglected until they need to get replaced and once they get replaced, neglected again. This is not the advisable way to treat your tires, either financially or for safety reasons, and taking steps to properly maintain and care for your tires can extend their life as well as the safety of your family.

To regularly maintain your tires you should:

- check their air pressure with a tire gauge

- check their tire treads for wear

- see if there are any noticeable punctures in your tires that need to get cared for

- determine if they are properly affixed to your wheel

The best place to have all of this done is in the service department of our car dealership at Kia AutoSport Columbus in Columbus, GA, where we can care for your tires and make sure that they are in good working condition. So bring your car in today for a tire inspection.

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