Headlights and Brake Lights Basic Maintenance

An essential and critical exterior feature of your vehicle are your headlights and brake lights. The headlights do provide visibility when you're traveling during the night. They are critical to the safety of motorists taking a night ride; while your brake lights act as an indicator to other drivers when you want to slow down or stop your car.

Here are general tips for your headlight and brake light maintenance:

Light Inspection

Regular inspection will keep informed in case your lights need changing. For your brake lights, it’s always advisable to have someone monitor it for you while you step on the brakes, in case of any problems you get an opportunity to fix it.

Replace Defective parts

Traveling with broken headlights can be quite dangerous. To help with the safety of yourself and others, it is essential to get your headlights repaired when needed.

Clean and Polish you're Headlights

In case your lights are foggy consider cleaning to restore them to the original state and for visibility purpose.

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