Transport Your Holiday Treats With Simple Tips

If you'll be traveling to the home of friends or family members for a holiday meal or you plan to donate food to local food bank, you've got to make sure that the homecooked treats get to their destination intact. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your food doesn't stain your car, prepared for you by the Kia AutoSport Columbus team.

If you are transporting foods in bowls or casserole dishes, cover the bowl with plastic wrap before securing it with the lid. This provides extra protection so that the food will meet a barrier before spilling. For foods that can be handheld like snacks or small desserts, secure them in a plastic bag and put the bag in a reusable shopping bag before placing them in the car. For extra protection, line the bottom of the car with tarp or towels so that any food spills will be caught by the towel instead of getting on your car's interior.

These tips will help you keep your car clean and ensure that your food is beautifully presented when you arrive at your destination. Happy holidays from the Kia AutoSport Columbus team!

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