Don't Forget These Holiday Road Trip Safety Essentials Before Leaving

Keep in mind that things could go wrong on the road when you are on that long holiday road trip, and planning for them today will help to ensure you arrive at your destination sooner rather than later.

Be sure to pack some of the following safety-related items for the holiday road trip:

  • Keep some road flares in your trunk for alerting drivers or authorities that your car is in distress.
  • Bring a gas can for getting fuel if the car runs dry.
  • Pack some jumper cables in the trunk in case your battery in the car fails.
  • Top off your fluids to ensure you don't run dry and have an overheating problem.
  • Pack a new flashlight and some batteries.
  • Take along a tire gauge for checking the pressure in all the tires often during your road trip.

You can always come down to Kia AutoSport Columbus for a holiday travels check-up for your car before you load up all those gifts and food for your journey. Call today to make an appointment.

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