Getting Back Up After Irma

It has been a stressful past couple of days for all of us. All of the uncertainty is starting to come to a close as we have come out the other side of the storm.

Currently power outages are plaguing the state and Georgia Power is working to get power to everyone. Heavy rainfall and winds have caused flooding, standing water, and fallen debris. It is important to keep your eyes on the road and drive safely making sure to avoid standing water and debris in the roadways.

If you had a vehicle that wasn't protected by the storm we hope that it didn’t sustain any damages during the storm. Although, things happen that are out of our control and if your vehicle was damaged make sure to contact your insurance provider as quickly as possible.

If you find that your vehicle isn't driving correctly after the inclement weather, visit our service center here in Columbus, GA and we will make sure everything is working correctly.

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