Admittedly, it isn't the most glamorous part of driving a Kia. Not many people like checking their tires. Fewer still get excited about actually buying them. Did you get the right size? Will they keep you safe when the weather changes in Opelika, Al, or LaGrange, GA? Can they handle your commute through Phenix City, AL? There is a lot to process when it comes to your Kia's tires. No problem. Let the team in Columbus, GA take care of the entire process for you, with Kia Tires for Life at Kia AutoSport Columbus.

Our team of experts wants to take the pressure off you. So, with every new Kia you buy at Kia AutoSport Columbus, you get enrolled in the Tires for Life program. As long as you drive your Kia, we will take care of your tires. Bring your Kia Sedona or Kia Sorento to Kia AutoSport Columbus for your regular maintenance. Every 5,000 miles or so, and we will rotate your tires. When their tread dips below 2/32nd of an inch, our team will replace them, free of charge. All you cover is the labor cost to perform the work.

The fine print reads that the program doesn't cover damage caused by road hazards, like nails, curbs or potholes. Just the typical wear-and-tear your Kia will experience over the course of driving it for approximately six months after rotations. There is no easier way to get more life out of your Kia. New tires help you maintain the efficiency you love from your Kia and the firm grip on the road you want from your vehicle. As long as you keep up with your maintenance schedule, you are covered.

Why wouldn't you want membership in this exceptional program? All it takes is the purchase of a Kia, which is a no brainer, anyway. Not only do you drive an elegant sedan, crossover, or van through Auburn, AL, you get Tires for Life from Kia AutoSport Columbus.

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