Our service team knows that you want to do everything you can to keep your Kia running its best, and we want to help. Whether or not it is time to replace their brakes is a common question from drivers around Auburn, AL. The team here at Kia AutoSport Columbus is here to tell you what to watch out for so that you can get any issues addressed promptly.

You Hear Noises When You Are Braking

When you hit the brakes, are you hearing a squeak or a squeal? Even worse, is there a grinding sound when you try to stop your vehicle while driving through Opelika, AL? These noises can all be indications that your brake pads or rotors need replacing. That said, sometimes brakes make noise when they get wet or dirty. If the noise goes away after you've been driving around Columbus, GA, for a while, your brakes may be fine. If you are at all unsure, however, it is a good idea to stop by for a brake inspection.

It Takes Longer to Stop

"Brake fade" is a term you may have heard before and what may happen to your Kia if you regularly apply the brakes for long periods. The prolonged contact will heat the pads and the rotors, gradually reducing their effectiveness. There are some situations around Phenix City, AL, where prolonged braking is necessary, but it should not be common. Brake fade will result in your vehicle taking longer to stop than it should, and you should address it right away.

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While those are two of the more common signs that you need new brakes, they are not the only ones. When you press the brake pedal and your car veers to one side, for example, or you notice a vibration in the brake pedal, both are signs that your Kia needs work. Keep everyone safer around LaGrange, GA by having your brakes inspected today.

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