The Kia Soul is a hatchback that has a fun personality. It's almost a sure bet that all of our four-legged friends will love going on adventures in this vehicle, which we carry at Kia AutoSport Columbus in Columbus, GA. Since the Soul is a hatchback, there are a few different places where your best friend(s) could sit. The vehicle is relatively low to the ground and has a boxy frame, so the interior feels spacious while also being easy to get in and out of. The Soul does have seating for five, and it has a 60/40 split-folding rear bench that can be configured in several ways. You'll have room for you, your pet(s), your passengers, and any equipment or accessories you might need as you travel around Auburn AL, and beyond.

What's so great about Kia is that it puts its customers first. Every version of the Kia Soul has something called Rear Occupant Alert. With this safety system, you'll be notified if it seems like you left something - or someone - in the back seat. The alert methods can consist of beeping and/or getting a message on your smartphone. The Soul can do this because it can remember when the back doors are opened before a trip and will notice if they're not opened again as you leave your car. This system can effectively prevent the unfortunate situation of when dogs are inadvertently left in vehicles unattended. As you know, this can be very dangerous.

Dogs love exploring new places, and with the Kia Soul, you'll have the freedom to go to so many places from here to LaGrange, GA. The Soul comes with two available engines, and since both of the engines are relatively efficient, you won't have to stop for gas too frequently. As you travel, keep everyone entertained with available SiriusXM radio.

We know that many of our local customers around Opelika, AL and Phenix City, AL love their dogs, and we want you to be able to spend quality time together. We encourage you to make memories together and have fun as the new Kia Soul takes you places.

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