How convenient is it to make a phone call without ever needing to touch your phone? That’s what technology does for us. It makes our lives easier to manage. So, Kia has taken the same steps to ensure that your commutes in Columbus, GA or Auburn, AL are as seamless as possible. So, for used Kia’s from 2016 and up, your handsfree Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is—well, automatic.

The Great Move Towards Convenience

It will do all the work for you. You simply climb into your Kia, press a button on your infotainment screen, and voila—your smartphone is now a part of your car. Or vice-versa. When you get a phone call, you can connect at the press of a button. Unless it’s somebody you don’t want to speak to, like that annoying bill collector. In that case, send to voicemail immediately.

But, the object at hand is to give you your—hands back? Er, yeah, we think that’s about right. Many Kia models have steering-wheel buttons that will also give you access to your device without you needing to touch it. So, you can cycle through playlists, podcasts and handle phone calls without taking your eyes off the road. To see which features are more desirable for you, please check out our used and Certifed Pre-Owned Kia inventory. We just want to ensure that your drive from Opelika to Phenix City, AL is as convenient as possible.

Kia AutoSport of Columbus

Step into an era of convenience with your Kia. You can browse our used Kia inventory for models from 2016 and above to find the vehicle suited for your driving needs in LaGrange, GA. And remember, if you’re driving a Kia, you know you’re doing something right.